Classic Mickey Mouse

Uploaded by Kristina G.
August 28, 2013

Step 1

Before your start, apply a base-coat onto your nails and let it sit for a few seconds. 

Now you want to apply at least 3 layers of white nail polish onto your nails. Three layers will make absolute white nails. Let it dry completely. 

Step 2

In this step you will be creating Mickey Mouse's head. Now take your black nail polish and take out the brush and lay it off to the side. Take your paint dotter and dip the ball on the end of the paint dotter into the black nail polish bottle. if you dip it too much into the bottle the dot you will create will be large. You want a small amount on the ball of the paint dotter so you will be a smaller dot (Mickey's head).

Do small black dots is random spots of your nails. Make sure that they are not too close because you will have to dot the ears next. Also make sure that the heads are not too small for the ears.

Step 3

Now it is for Mickey Mouse's ears. Take your pain dotter again and dip the ball at the end of it into the black nail polish again. Try to do a smaller amount of paint for the ears. The ears should be a little bit smaller than the head. Do two dots on each side of his head. There should be a small space between the ears and try not to make them too far apart. 

Make sure that the nail polish is dry then apply a top-coat for protection and a finished look.